Physiofit Chartered Physiotherapists offer professional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of a range of injuries and conditions. We have links with local GP surgeries and liaise with other consultants and specialists to provide the best pathway of care for each individual.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy is the treatment of various lung conditions with the use of manual techniques for sputum clearance, breathing exercises, pulmonary rehabilitation and education.

Conditions we are able to treat include

Suzie Crellin is a specialist out patient respiratory physiotherapist who has experience of working alongside chest physicians in the treatment of lung conditions. She specialises in the treatment of HVS.

Hyperventilation Syndrome

Hyperventilation Syndrome (HVS) is a respiratory disorder which can also be known as panic attacks or acute anxiety attacks. It is a very frightening and often complex condition and diagnosis can be difficult. HVS is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms brought on by over-breathing. Emotional stress causes our breathing to become quicker and shallower. Over time this can have an effect on the chemical balances within the body (reduction of carbon dioxide and an increase in our arterial pH levels). This can cause a variety of unpleasant and often frightening symptoms such as:

The main cause of HVS is stress and how our body copes with it. Treatment focuses on re-education of the breathing dysfunction through very simple and effective exercises, and also focusing on how to take control of your breathing to prevent recurrence of HVS.

Suzie has worked with clients with this condition for over six years and set up a HVS clinic in her previous workplace.

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