Large and Small Group Pilates Classes

Small group classes

Small group classes are held in the Main Studio and the Oak Room Studio for up to 6 people. This ensures that the instructor can closely monitor each individual's technique, adapt the exercises where necessary and provide specific feedback for each participant.

These classes are ideal for those who prefer more individual correction or those needing closer monitoring as they progress with their rehabilitation.

Large group classes

Large group classes are held in the Main Studio for up to 12 people.

These classes are ideal for those who have no specific injury problems or those who are at the progressive stage of their rehabilitation. The instructors will provide individual correction where necessary.

Class levels

We offer 4 different levels of class;

Beginner - aimed at those completely new to Pilates or those returning after a break.

There is a strong emphasis on understanding the correct technique. The instructor will offer individual feedback and can adapt exercises as necessary for those with injuries. Most people attend a couple of beginner courses before moving on.

Intermediate 1 - aimed at those who have done one or two courses of beginners Pilates.

The exercises are basic level but begin to progress. Exercises using a variety of small equipment are introduced. The focus is on perfecting technique. The instructor will give individual feedback to participants as to when they are ready to progress.

Intermediate 2 - the exercises become gradually more difficult, testing co-ordination, flexibility, balance and strength.

Exercises are linked together and small equipment is used to add further challenge. The instructor will layer the exercise progression giving an option of levels, and advise each individual how far to progress.

Advanced - this provides a challenging class for the competent Pilates student.

The exercises are still layered so there are options of levels, but a certain amount of competence is assumed. Some participants may never wish to reach this level!

We also offer specialist classes for people with more specific needs

These classes are kept as small groups (up to 6 people) and are aimed at those with specific problems or needs in common. They are held in the Main and the Oak Studio Studios. The instructors teaching these classes have specialist knowledge in the area covered.

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