Men/Women Only Pilates Classes

Men Only Pilates

Many men perceive Pilates to be a ladies activity, but it is just as beneficial for men. Male and female bodies have slightly differing structures meaning that certain exercises are easier for one gender, whilst others might be more difficult. As an example men tend to have more upper body strength but less flexibility around the hips, so press up exercises are easier, but seated stretching exercises are not.

Most of our classes are mixed with some men in them, and more are always welcome, but in most classes men are still in the minority. Our Men Only class, taught by our physiotherapist Jim Winterborn, aims to maximise the benefits of Pilates for the male physique, and provide a challenging form of exercise. It also provides a more comfortable class environment for those who prefer a single gender class.

Women Only Pilates

There are several of our classes that are women only, and we are happy to accommodate women who would rather attend a single gender class. Please ring for more details.

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