Older Adult Pilates Classes

As we get older joints get stiffer, muscles get weaker and injuries and illnesses can begin to accumulate. Even people who have worked hard to stay active into older age may find that they begin to become limited in what forms of exercise they can still partake. Pilates is a great way for the older adult to continue to exercise in safe and appropriate way.

Many of the problems associated with aging, such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can be helped by Pilates exercises. The focus of the class is on maintaining joint mobility, muscle strength and improving posture. Balance exercises are also incorporated to help reduce the risk of falling.

We are happy to accommodate people with many health problems including joint replacements, heart and lung conditions and mild mobility problems. Although we do some chair based exercise most participants are able to get down to the floor for mat based exercises as well.

There are no age limits on the classes, as each person is assessed for suitability on an individual basis.

Please ring for a chat if you are interested in joining one of these classes.

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