One to One Sessions and Private Pilates Classes

One to One Sessions

Physiofit individual sessions are available for those who prefer the personal approach, or those who need more specific rehabilitation before being ready to join a class. We specialise in working closely with other health professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors) to provide rehabilitation Pilates early in the treatment of injury.

Clients may choose to continue to have individual sessions or just have one or two before joining one of our classes. We offer hour or half hour long sessions which are held in the Oak Room or the Chestnut Room.

Individual sessions can be booked with our physiotherapists or senior Pilates instructors. Initial consultations are always an hour.

One to One Pilates Consultations


1 hour 55.00
30 minutes 35.00

Pilates Instructor

1 hour 45.00

Discounts are offered for block bookings.

Missed appointments and appointments cancelled with less that 24 hours notice may be charged.

Private Pilates Classes

We are able to offer small group private classes to groups of individuals who would like to attend Pilates together but would rather not join one of our existing classes.

Please contact us by phone or email for further information.

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