Rehabilitation Pilates Classes

These classes offer Pilates based exercises for those suffering injury or health problems that would prevent them from joining a general class. This includes people recovering from injury or joint surgery. These classes are tailored to each suit each individual's needs therefore we assess each participant on a one to one basis before they are assigned to a group. Each individual's specific rehabilitation exercises can be incorporated into their class.

Please ring for a chat if you are interested in joining one of these classes.

Pilates classes after breast surgery

Breast cancer recovery is a delicate time, a time to be respected for the hard-won healing that is taking place, as well as the physical and emotional complexities that may arise. It is well known that gentle exercise is one of the best ways to aid the recovery process and reduce post-operative complications. NICE guidelines based on clinical trials suggest that physiotherapy or exercise interventions can improve arm and shoulder function in patients who have received surgery for breast cancer.

One of the best things about Pilates is that it can be relaxing and energizing at the same time. Fatigue, limited range of motion, and even fear of moving sore areas may make you shy away from exercise. The right kind of exercise, though, guided by trained professionals, can be of great benefit:

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